Wheel Balance

At BIKE-SEAL/AUTO-SEAL we are often asked about Speed/Wheel balancing issues. “Surely by inserting a liquid/gel into a tyre, it must upset the balancing, and handling of the vehicle?” A typical comment…..Remember, Bike-Seal/Auto-Seal will move, as it remains liquid throughout its life. Rotational forces created will evenly distribute/spread our product around the inside of the tyre, effectively covering the tread area.

The product has to remain a liquid to enable it to move to any damage incurred, through rotational forces and greater internal air pressure. Bike-Seal/Auto-Seal has no speed restrictions as it does not break down, due to it being a water based product. It has undergone high speed testing.

The tyre size/quantity guide on our websites are based on ‘normal road speeds’ and use. However our guide can be adjusted to cater for specific customer requirements. This includes both slower off road use, and high speed track use. We work with customers who ‘road race’ and are frequently on track. The key point at speed, is the quantity of product inserted within the tyre (too much product, and yes, we can upset balancing). As Bike-Seal/Auto-Seal is so effective, less product volume is required to be used. Largely, it is for this reason that allows for higher speed usage and does not upset the balancing of a pre-balanced wheel/tyre. For bespoke requirements about vehicle use and/or speed, please feel free to discuss direct.

Tyre Balancing Monitoring for Speed