As many of you are aware, I am extremely passionate about the Institute Of Advanced Motoring, Advanced Road Craft training, and am an active and fully supportive member. BIKE-SEAL /AUTO-SEAL is all about SAFETY, and is actively linked with the IAM as a members benefit partner.

Puncture Prevention I AM
So, despite my personal level of attainment, I volunterily asked, and sought assistance from fellow members of my local IAM RoadSmart group to asses my riding etc. My aim was to establish any bad habits, along with any good points, if any ! WOW…it was apparent very soon that what I thought I was doing, was very different to what I was actually doing…mmm…few good points then, lots of bad !! This process included me revisiting the H/Code. So, what I’m trying to say, is that in my opinion, it is extremely important to re address our skills level, and don’t be frightened to ask for assistance. Everybodies skills level will drop over time.


So, if you are NOT an IAM RoadSmart member, have no fear. Your local group will offer FREE assessments / advice, for both motorcyclists, and cars. Go on, be brave, they will not bite, and you’ll enjoy it. I cannot speak highly enough of them.