First frost of the year?…… Winter’s on its way!

Recently the Institute of Advanced Motoring, IAM Roadsmart and Tyresafe charities have blogged about the importance of checking one’s tyres. This is so important…..It does NOT mean checking the electronic pressure monitoring system within the vehicles “Brain”……No, electronic warning lights etc can and do readily fail. I’m talking about “physically checking”……Yes, “so yesterday”!!!

We should all have access to a small tyre pressure gauge. It takes minutes to physically check tyre pressures. Why is this important? It confirms correct tyre pressures and it gives us the chance to have a cursory look at the general condition of each tyre, tread depth, side wall scuffs, bulging, and tread area anomalies…..We can also use our hands to “feel” irregularities.  How old fashioned….yes, it may be so, but so, so effective. One cannot get this information sat on or in a seat pressing a button!!

Winter Tyre Safety

Highways England this year in conjunction with Bridgestone, released findings from an 18 month study on tyre debris, to explain reasons behind tyre-related breakdowns on motorways. It found 56% of tyres failed due to hazards, 18% failed due to poor inflation, and a further 8% failed due to poor maintenance. 2016 saw 32 fatalities or serious injuries as a direct result of tyre related incidents. This shocked even us at Bike-Seal/Auto-Seal.

The Bike-Seal/Auto-Seal team are passionate about the potential safety our product can offer its user, our customer base. As our product is purposely designed and independently tested to be inserted into tyres BEFORE damage occurs, it is ready to act as the damage is created, giving “safety on the move”. In this way, we can greatly reduce the percentage of tyre failures, the possible expensive damage, and of course injuries which can very easily result from puncture-related incidents. Maintaining the tyre pressure or reducing the severity of the pressure loss gives continued control of the vehicle, which ultimately is YOUR SAFETY.

The approach of winter and predictions that it will be a hard one could mean potentially hazardous driving conditions, especially on our deteriorating road network where poor road surfaces and potholes are a common problem; to the detriment of all road users on two wheels or four wheels. So a reminder,  that getting into the habit of regular basic tyre checks that take only a few minutes can only help to reduce your exposure to risk and incident.