Auto-Seal is available in compact 750ml and 1L bottles to enable self application.

Available from Auto-Seal direct on line through our Shop 24/7, or telephone 01278 671900 during normal office hours Monday to Friday. These bottles can readily be carried in a glove box for emergencies ( if not pre-installed) and peace of mind. Please see our quantity guide or contact us for your specific needs.

Installation Demo

Puncture Prevention Fluid Sealant

These are Demonstration Videos – DO NOT TRY THIS at Home 😉


1. Position wheel valve @ 5 or 7 o’ clock.

2. Remove valve core with supplied cap (retain in safe

place), and deflate tyre fully.

3. Fully extend telescopic tube from cap centre. Slide over valve stem.

4. Keep bottle inverted and tubing hose as straight as possible and in line with valve. (Straight line from bottle through valve).

5. Squeeze firmly until required amount is installed.


Follow these extra simple steps:


1. Insert tyre sealant as per standard instructions.

2. Remove installation hose.

3. Remove offending object if visible (nail etc).

4. Turn wheel so puncture is @ 6 o’ clock, so sealant within can cover the puncture.

5. Re-inflate tyre to recommended tyre pressure. As tyre is inflated Auto-Seal will plug the puncture, subject to the damage caused.

6. Ideally go for a short drive to confirm the effectiveness of the plug.


    • One treatment costs no more than the full cost of one tyre repair
    • Protects tyres for the legal life of the tyre

    • Mechanical process NOT a chemical reaction
    • The mechanical process forms a plug within 2-3 tyre rotations

To Finish:

– Remove hose and bottle. Wipe any spillage with a damp cloth.

– Replace valve core with cap.

– Re-inflate tyre to recommended pressure.


Dealing with a Blockage:

1. Remove bottle and hose.

2. Insert SMALL PLASTIC spray can type straw into valve to clear.

3. Re-fit hose and bottle, and continue.



    • Suitable for both tubeless and tubed tyres
    • No speed restrictions

    • On road and off road
    • Seals Punctures up to 15mm

Buy Puncture Protection

Quantity Guide: PER Tyre         

250 ML – Cars up to 195mm tyres

375ml – Cars with 205mm and wider tyres.

375ML – SUV, Large Van. Small Camper.

375ML – Small Caravan.

500ML – Large Caravan, Motorhome.

500ML – 4X4, Defender, Pick Up.

Any Queries please email or telephone.

Stop Punctures with Auto Seal tyre puncture prevention

Puncture Prevention Sealant for Vehicles